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ОМНИ дарит моторное масло Лукойл премиальной линейки Genesis


Сеть АЗС ОМНИ провела акцию вместе с радио МСМ, она длилась в течение трех дней. Заправки, на которых была проведена акция, выбирали заранее так, чтобы у слушателей радио МСМ была возможность быстро приехать. Но в этом году в городе Иркутске проводят много ремонтных работ на дорогах, поэтому не только участникам было не просто добраться, но и организаторам не удавалось добраться вовремя, хотя и выезжали за 2 часа до назначенного времени.
Ведущий акции - Малыш Гарик, приехав на АЗС объявлял в прямом эфире адрес заправки, на которой можно получить приз в режиме реального времени. Чтобы получить приз, нужно было приехать на АЗС как можно быстрее. Первые трое соревновались в ответах на каверзные вопросы о моторных маслах. Главный приз - моторное масло Лукойл премиальной линейки Genesis 4л.
За время проведения акции, всего было 9 участников, трое из которых получили главный приз. Ну и конечно не остались без внимания и остальные участники акции, они получили приятные подарки для своей машины. Ведь все они большие молодцы и проявили не только высокую реакцию и скорость, чтобы приехать первыми, но и свою эрудированность, чтобы победить!
Поставщик моторных масел в сеть АЗС ОМНИ – Компания Элара. Кампания Элара входит в Группу Компаний ОМНИ. В марте этого года компания Элара получила статус официального дилера моторных масел Лукойл в Забайкальском крае и по своей торговой сети в Иркутской области и республики Бурятии.
Благодаря этому во всей сети качественное сертифицированное масло Лукой по очень выгодной цене.
А так же во всех наших АЗС и магазинах масел ОМНИOIL работает служба поддержки, которая поможет вам правильно подобрать масло для своего автомобиля.
Приезжайте к нам за моторным маслом Лукойл!

АЗС № 24 (пер.Фучика, стр.1)


АЗС № 12 (ул. Байкальская 239 "А")

АЗС № 26 (ул. Березовая Роща, 3 "В")

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    I've done multiple startups at this moment, So I'm not as ignorant as you'd probably probably suspect. now and again I wonder why I still do startups. I understand specifically what I'm getting myself into, The only reason I'm willing to take it on is because I felt the pain from the end of my last romance, Followed by the pain of trying online dating service personals. it is something I genuinely want to solve, And I know that will easy,User increases" Will flatline in the near future. wedding will be low. But we'll figure it out. Even if you decide just the thing you care about is straight people. Online or not online. It turns out there are several frustrated straight people out there, But there's also just a lot of straight people. Assuming that uniform dating works magically well for gay/lesbian folks but doesn't for straight people seems like a really large leap to make and also seems really untrue from what I've heard. (I've known LGBT folks who haven't found online dating to be that great and I should also note that in general offline dating can be harder for LGBT folks (specially in some parts of the world) Than for straight folks and online dating site looks pretty good by comparison.) And this guy is an idiot for seeking to cater to the straight dating market? the reason?Well is really a, I never actually testified that. What I did say was that the way the site felt it felt like it was built with a pretty narrow frame of how dating worked and that narrow frame was likely going to be a problem in a bunch of ways. for my situation, It does not work at all for a bunch of reasons. But it didn't act like a conscious decision, It felt like a decision that was made because someone didn't think through their problem well enough to even realize the things they didn't think about. And optimistic real problem.

    Assuming that online dating sites works magically well for gay/lesbian folks but doesn't for straight people seems like a really large leap to make and also seems really untrue from what I've heardOf course it isn't perfect for all of them, But it's a a reduced amount dysfunctional market than the straight one. Which means there's less of a structure in catering to gays and lesbians there (Doubly true given maybe rare.)you will find, the theory is that, right away people can date bi people, however, By not entirely serving that bi market you cut off a tiny fraction of your clientele. Screw up the straight market and your site is doomed. that will he focus on? What I did say was that the way the site felt it felt like it was fashioned with a pretty narrow frame of how dating workedYes, that has called "Targeting a selected market,

    Assuming that dating foreign girls works magically well for gay/lesbian folks but doesn't for straight people seems like a really large leap to makeNot if you live in an area with skewed gender ratios. much of the couples that met online that I know are quite good matches (IMHO quality count anyway). The people I hear complaining about it most often are usually those people who are just angry about the fact that they can't get dates. OkCupid, And other dating sites, can help you meet more people. they don't magically improve your dating life. I don't think it's innovative or magically going to fix any dating problems, straight or gay. it is something unique to that market, however when you try to speed up the dating process for straight people, it really is always failed. the key reason why? Because you're missing personal identity. Girls are still scared to meet strangers off web when you speed the process up. that is certainly totally legit. I even concern yourself with it sometimes, and i'm a guy. If you meet a company from OkCupid, And something happens, You have no way of knowing who is on the other side end. You just can't say for sure their true identity. We don't get to spend 100% of all time writing code. we need to put a lot of thought into what to build first, prior to this we build it. Social dating is more of a psychology game than anything. You can throw selling points and features at people, But unless they make the user contented and are highly engaging, It's all a total waste of money. we aren't trying to target straight people, We just haven't had the bandwidth to accomodate everybody else. We'll make it happen eventually though. And I don't mind if friends sets me up. But the whole feeling of a service where friends are setting up friends without the need for a dialogue about consent or you know, Whether I'm even at all looking towards them being involved in my dating life (God knows I have ample friends where I'm not interested in their suggestions) isn't really really okay. And i adore creepy? i did so.

    It seems like a good possible solution for many and it has a natural virility to it that shouldn't be underestimated. Spending 90% of one's to go after that market seems like a waste when it will be difficult enough to get the straight market. It is simply a description they use when they don't like something. "That girl/guy is weird" indicates, it normally won't like them. If it is ott, It won't work. It looks like he is on to something to me.

    I have to disagree that colleges are the absolute right place to start, From your site. We actually started more or less everything at Stanford, Talking straight to fraternity and sorority presidents. They're basically paying fees for students formulate their social life for them. So generally, I just caught me here: College students might be a starting point, But Greeks are the absolute worst start. it doesn't need what we're building. And most scholars I think would be reluctant to sign up anyway, they have personally their classes and student clubs they can join. you do not know anyone. you can't simply date people from work because that's shitting where you eat. You avoid talking to girls at the gym for similar reason. You're using the bar scene, Which isn't bad. Let's Date makes mobile app that addresses this perfectly. I guess Tinder is having the same problem, But neither of them actually worked for me. The social barrier is actually a good thing because it means that if you go and talk/ask words a large advantage since most people were already self selected out. I think something helps break the ice or helps with this meeting process in a specific place would be valuable. without one I think most dating websites are shitty for heterosexual men in their early to mid twenties. It's just that I know myself better and don't feel as as with I need to prove anything. We weren't sure first, So we asked womans: Would you rather meet a gaggle of guys at an event or a venue, Or don't you rather just go to bars? They want to go to bars due to there being alcohol and it acts as a social lubricant. Figuring out how to replicate the action on CWF is going to be a real challenge. it might not even happen, we may leave that to Flock. It takes some courage probably some alcohol too to go up and start in conversation with girls. But it also requires a point of social proof to get friends to comment on your profile, So i think it carries a similar effect. You're right that most online dating sites suck for men in their 20s, But that maybe what we're trying to fix.

    Women it's still over messaged and men are still under messaged. People still ignore profiles just photos what does this change?Aren't you interested in reading what somebody's friend has to say about them rather than what they're saying about themselves? within, We have squidoo accounts (100+ friends had to join) Which are not easy to duplicate and we can rate limit. concerning OkCupid, The worst you do is they ban you for spamming, And then you come back under diverse username. If you're commenting on your friends' profiles, They'll naturally want to comment on yours. More women in their 30s using dating sites socially, The sites just aren't manufactutrured to be social.

    100+ friends need to join?I'd be reluctant to date disposition 100+ friends on Facebook, That seems to me to point a degree of shallowness. After 7 years I have 59 and I honestly need to pare in that way down. Yes I look at pictures first, immediately after that I read the profile. I do care what books she reads and what her feelings on various social and politics issues are.

    Maybe it's my social circuit (Busy pushing 30 pro's) But I think there is almost zero stigma among my friends over online dating sites. in fact, Less so among gals than among men. Men for reasons uknown feel they have to play the bar scene even if they don't like it or aren't good at it, But woman feel no such need. certainly, For loads of my women friends, online dating site offers the very real advantage that it's socially acceptable for women to actively choose in an online context, While in meat space the social convention involves their in store for the loudest, Drunkest guy ahead up and hit on them.

    It's highly geographical.

    Meeting on line lacks to be just about photography, It could also be based on shared interest. we were on the same law forum and exchanged messages (Not tender, more like "you may be so wrong about x, y, z") A few times before we met in real life in a related context (She was at my law school legitimate for admission). Several other marriages and engagements came out of the same batch of people on a single site, From city firm meet ups. I'd picture something like a dating site where you couldn't search for people ad hoc, But which interest specific topic forums could link into. You'd create a profile, But only be found by people who reached out through some interest specific site. This serves two aims: It prevents women from getting spammed just as easily, And it gives some context (Posting backdrop) For them to guage.

    can do for you I'm getting at: If we were all more social about international dating, It'd suck much less. love-making is, as we say, the straightforward part. you'll find almost a bizarre, Hypocritical handshake project here: To meet someone and socialize with them, You generally need to appear well create, satisfied, And just generally efficient at life all without seeming smug or overconfident or douchey, equally. Whoops, Time for the Biological and Parental outlook Clocks and the sudden run to the altar! In an additional couple years, Time for the divorce!source of information: I have fairly close ties to most of my buddies and I've been with my fiancee for going on five years now.

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